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Contact lists -

Contact lists

Click the jobitel.com links below to find addresses for Senators, Representatives, Federal Agencies and the White House. If you have other https://xjobs.org/ lists you think would be helpful to Card by Card writers, please forward them to me at info@cardby.cards.


  1. Go to www.fec.gov
  1. On the left-hand side, place your cursor over Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal, then over Searchable Systems, and then click on Individual Contribution Search. A new screen will appear: “Transaction Query by Individual Contributor.”
  2. jobitel xjobs

  3. At the bottom, where it says “No Luck? Try an Advanced Search,” click on Advanced Search.
  1. Enter the person’s last name and first name. For the first name, use just the first few letters, because sometimes people use a nickname. (Rich or Rick for Richard, for example).
  1. Select your state.
  1. Enter a date range.
  1. Click on Send Query.

Assuming the person made gifts, they are listed in three groupings:

Contributions to Super PACs, Hybrid PACs, and Historical Soft Money Party Accounts
These include groups with names that are not always easy to parse, such as American Crossroads, Rights to Rise, Restore Our Future, Senate Majority PAC, etc. But if you click on the name of the organization, then click on Committees And Candidates Supported/Opposed, you’ll be able to see whether it is mainly Republican or mainly Democratic. Contributions to these groups have grown enormously in recent years.

Contributions to All Other Political Committees Except Joint Fundraising Committees
This is where you will find contributions to individual candidates, up to a maximum of $5,400 per election cycle. Also listed here are contributions to the official party organizations such as the Democratic National Committee or the National Republican Congressional Committee, which can be much larger.

Joint Fundraising Contributions
Joint fundraising is fundraising conducted jointly by a political committee and one or more other political committees or unregistered organizations. Click on the name of an organization and you’ll be able to see who the money is for.

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