• My designs are posted on PrintRunner.com (888-296-5760), an inexpensive, high-quality printing service. Please note that I do not make a commission from PrintRunner. I’ve simply provided free access to my designs for individuals and groups who want to participate in Card by Card.
• To order: Log onto the Card by Card account with the email address cardbycard@hotmail.com.
The password is citizensunite.
• Select Saved Designs from the drop-down menu under “your account.”
• Select the design(s) you want to order, the quantity and “14 pt. matte cardstock” as the paper choice.
• Click “add to cart” and proceed to checkout.
• If free shipping doesn’t show up in your cart, click on the “Coupons” tab at the top of the PrintRunner Page.
You’ll find a free shipping code there.
• Enter credit card details — and the cards will be on their way to you in about a week.